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Mi libro de temporada: No One is Here Except All of Us


Me ha gustado mucho el tipo de narrativa de Ramona Ausubel en esta novela, produce una intriga, no se sabe que va a pasar a continuación conforme se avanza en los capítulos que sigue.  

Por momentos se vuelve muy fantasiosa e incoherente.  Es decir, a quien se le ocurriría que un pueblo decida, en vista del inminente peligro de Hittler, dejar el viejo mundo atrás y comenzar uno nuevo, algo así como un génesis.

Conforme avanza la novela, de lo fantasioso se va transformando en una historia llena de intriga y cierta ternura.  Donde por ejemplo, surgen detalles como el personaje  que llaman "the extranger" sigue siendo llamado así a lo largo de los años y nunca se devela su verdadero nombre.

Les dejo el review tomado del sito Goodreads.com

In 1939, the families in a remote Jewish village in Romania feel the war close in on them. Their tribe has moved and escaped for thousands of years- across oceans, deserts, and mountains-but now, it seems, there is nowhere else to go. Danger is imminent in every direction, yet the territory of imagination and belief is limitless. At the suggestion of an eleven-year-old girl and a mysterious stranger who has washed up on the riverbank, the villagers decide to reinvent the world: deny any relationship with the known and start over from scratch. Destiny is unwritten. Time and history are forgotten. Jobs, husbands, a child, are reassigned. And for years, there is boundless hope. But the real world continues to unfold alongside the imagined one, eventually overtaking it, and soon our narrator-the girl, grown into a young mother-must flee her village, move from one world to the next, to find her husband and save her children, and propel them toward a real and hopeful future. A beguiling, imaginative, inspiring story about the bigness of being alive as an individual, as a member of a tribe, and as a participant in history, No One Is Here Except All Of Us explores how we use storytelling to survive and shape our own truths. It marks the arrival of a major new literary talent.  


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